The Pampered Pup, Inc. - A Professional Dog Salon

*  Perfect Puppy Program
    A program custom designed for the needs of the owner and the puppy.
     The program begins from the first consultation and requires
     about 1 year dedication from the owner to maintain said program.

*  Custom Pet Enclosures
    Our specialists build professional pet enclosures, to help beautify and
      easily maintain a space for your pet to eliminate in private, protected
      from the elements which helps keep your family's yard space clean.

*  Diet & Allergy Consultation
     30 years in experience with food and seasonal allergies, along with
     extensive knowledge of the pet food industry and with proper veterinarian
     input comfort for your pet and financial manageability is achievable.
*  All Inclusive Grooming Service
     Professional Certified Dog Grooming services to help maintain your pet.
     A six week grooming maintenance program available which also offers 
     a clean well maintained pet with little owner responsibility.  We take pride
     in the amazing length of time your pet will smell and stay clean........weeks!

*  Behavioral & Obedience Training
     In home professional individual personalized training and/or retraining
     programs designed for the owner and/or pets specific needs.

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