The Pampered Pup, Inc. - A Professional Dog Salon
                       Question and Answer
Q.  What is Custom Pet Enclosures?
A.  A consulting and designing service to help provide an area easily accessed by
      the home for the pet's elimination process which provides shelter, privacy,
      cleanliness and control of the common area (backyard) . 

Q.  What is the Perfect Puppy Program?
A.   The PPP is designed to help potential dog owners evaluate their needs with 
       breed choice, home life preparation, diet, training, socialization and grooming.
       Providing the tools needed to set up your new family member for success.

Q.  How often should I bring my pet in for grooming?
A.  Every 6 to 8 weeks for proper maintenance.
Q.  How old should my puppy be before I bring it in for grooming?
A.  Between 8 and 12 weeks puppies should be introduced to the grooming experience.
      Even if the puppy doesn't need a haircut, just like obedience and potty training,
      grooming is a series of steps that require proper handling and training.
      Remember repetition is the key.
Q.  Can I shave my Collie?
A.  No, your dog is a sheddable double coated breed.  Along with the Chow, Husky,
     Malamute, Pomeranian, Pekingese, Keeshund and other like them if you invade the
     hair follicles too short you will damage the coat and it will not grow back properly.
     Like a cancer patient the hair grows back long and short, the dog will then forever
     have to be clipped just for appearance purposes.
Q.  What is the extra charge I see at groomers about the furminator or de-shedding
      treatment or shampoos?
A.  Every dog has a proper grooming that you pay for, whether it is a haircut,
      de-shedding or a combination of both.  An extra charge for any particular tool or
      shampoo used on your pet is unreasonable.  The pet has to be bathed so shampoo
      cost is no extra, nor should the tools used to achieve the best result be an extra
      fee.  Although in fairness to the groomers an extra fee imposed twice a year
      during shedding seasons when an abundance of coat is released may be
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